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The Women Drummers International Yahoo Group is an email list used to share events about information and classes and to discuss drumming-related stuff.  WDI will send information about ours events and classes to this list (including Born to Drum and Drum Sundays).  List members are also invited to send announcements about their drum-related events and classes through the Yahoo Group.

We would like to ask all of you who would like to continue to get emails from Women Drummers International to join a new Yahoo! Group. A new one was made because the BornToDrum group can no longer be accessed and new people cannot be added to it. Therefore we have created a replacement group.
To join the new group, please send a subscribe email to:
We will keep this open until the end of 2014. Until then, if you can remember, send announcements to both and the new
Women Drummers International  Newsletters are sent from time to time.  If you would like to receive these, please send us an email using the following form and put “WDI newsletter” in the subject line.

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