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We’ve tried to collect and respond to questions that may come up as you plan for camp. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, it may be addressed on the “Born to Drum Practical Information’ page. Contact us at if you don’t find the information you need.

Question: How do I get to Born to Drum/Walker Creek Ranch?
Answer: A map of the general area is included in the practical information, along with driving directions. You can download these driving directions: Born to Drum / Walker Creek Ranch Driving directions

Question: I have never drummed before. Is this a suitable event for me?
Answer: Absolutely! There will be basic skills classes each day and every teacher will teach a beginning class. Drum circles are facilitated and the leader will help you participate.

Question: I don’t have a drum. Will there be drums available for me to use?
Answer:  It’s good if you can bring a drum with you. However, Some of us will bring extra drums that you can borrow during classes. Each of these drums will be placed in an appropriate room for the classes being taught. The drums may not be removed from the rooms where they are placed.

Sue Lundquist will bring about 20 congas and small djembes that she will rent. Sue recommends that you arrange a rental in advance; you can also contact her when you arrive at camp. She will be in the marketplace area on the first day of camp. Please contact Sue directly for more information, including costs,  or to reserve a rental drum. email: phone: 541-488-1078.

You can also bring other percussion instruments such as bells and shakers.

Question: Are scholarships or financial assistance available to help with the cost of camp?
Answer: We want Born to Drum to be accessible to all women. Many women women have attended camp on work study over the past 6 years. About 30 work study positions are available to assist women with the cost of camp. This is a needs-based program.  Women attending on the Work Study Program work about 15 hours. The Work Study application period has closed for Born to Drum 2012.

Question: I would like to bring my child with me to camp. Is that okay? If not, can he or she visit me at camp?
Answer:  Our camp is currently designed for women and girls 15 years old or older. We cannot accommodate younger children on site even as visitors. If your young child needs to visit you, please arrange to meet off site. Point Reyes Station and Petaluma are both nearby.

If you are interested in helping to develop a program for children for future camps, please contact us.

Question: I would like to sell my art, crafts, etc at camp. Will there be a marketplace?
Answer: Yes, we will have a marketplace on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can participate in the marketplace on one, two, or all three days.  Details and an application are on the web site here. This is a women-only event and only women may participate in the marketplace, though men may assist you with set up and tear down. We are unable to have children at the marketplace.

Question: I have special meal requirements that may not be met by the camp offerings. Is there a place where I can keep food and/or cook for myself?
Answer: The camp chefs make an excellent effort to meet our needs. Vegetarian and Vegan meals are available and for those with food allergies meals will be available. If you have unique needs it is a good idea to bring some food to ensure that your nutritional requirements are met. There is a refrigerator in the Naturalists Kitchen (next to Muir Room). Fires are not permitted at the camp. Women staying in private or semi-private rooms may have access to refrigerator and stove. These are available only to women how have selected this type of accommodation.

Question: Is food available outside of meal hours?
Answer: Born to Drum will have snacks and soft drinks for sale. Coffee and tea are available throughout the day and into the evening. The Ranch drinking water is excellent and we encourage you to bring refillable containers for your water, though bottled water is also available at the Ranch store.

Question: Are computer facilities and wireless available?
Answer:  The Conference Center provides this information:

Mac or PC computers with wireless capabilities can attach to any available wireless access. No password is required.

Access points are currently identified as:


In some cases, the local area network (LAN) configuration on your computer may prohibit
connection to the wireless network. If you have a problem one of the volunteers can provide you with documentation on configurations.

Note that this is an educational facility and there may be limitations on websites that you can visit.

There may be limited access to computers. See one of the Born to Drum volunteers if you have an emergency need for computer use.

Question: Will my cell phone work at camp?
Answer: According the the conference center information, cell Phones do not work at Walker Creek Ranch. Two payphones are available for guests at the Ranch Office (415-663-9904) and Buckeye Meeting Room deck (415-663-9907). These phones are set up to receive calls.

Question: How can I be reached in an emergency at home?
Answer: During business hours an emergency message can be left at the Ranch office at 415-491-6603. Two payphones are available for guests at the Ranch Office (415-663-9904) and Buckeye Meeting Room deck (415-663-9907). These phones are set up to receive calls. There are no arrangements to take messages at these phones. There is a message board on the patio outside the dining room that you can check if you are expecting a call.   If there is an emergency call for you, we will find you!   As noted above wireless computer service is available and you can also be reached by email.

Question: What will the weather be like at camp?
Answer: According to the conference center information, “The weather varies greatly at the Ranch at all times of the year. Be prepared for both hot, sunny California days and cool, foggy Coastal conditions. Bring both your sweater and shorts!”  We strongly recommend that everyone bring a warm blanket or sleeping bag as it can get quite cool at night.

Question: Is there a pool at the ranch?
Answer: There is no pool; however Turtle Pond is a brief hike from the main camp buildings. Swimming is allowed only when a lifeguard is present. We will have a lifeguard during the Special Activities periods on Saturday and Sunday.

Question: I am camping. Are there facilities for showers and bathrooms nearby for me?
Answer: There are showers and bathrooms available for campers. These are all near the main classrooms, dorms, etc. If you prefer more remote camping place you will need to come to the central area to use the showers and bathrooms. There are “port-a-janes” at Jack Rabbit Flats, by the Garden and by the Garden Room.

Question: I would like to camp but don’t own a camper or tent. Are there rentals?
Answer: REI has a small number of rental tents. You can contact them at one of their store locations. You can find these on line at the REI web site. You might also ask this question on the Born to Drum Yahoo Group. If you are not already a member please join. This is where all announcements about Women Drummers International events are made.

Question: Can I bring my camper, van, etc and register as a camper?
Answer: Yes, you can camp in your van, camper, pop up tent, etc., and you may register as a camper.

Question: Are there “hook-ups” and electrical outlets for campers/vans et?
Answer: No, there are no hook-ups for campers and vans. There are no electrical outlets for you to plug your camper or van into.

Question: I’m bringing my tent. Are there restrictions on where I can put it up?
Answer: There are many beautiful locations for your tent; Some are close to the classes and events; others are more remote.  Walker Creek has created a variety of camping areas and we ask that you use these.  Maps will be available when you check in at camp.

Question: I’d like to come early on Friday to select my room and get set up in the dorm before registration. Is that okay?
Answer: We ask that you check before you select a dorm room. Please check in when you arrive at camp. Registration will be available by 12:30pm. Semi-private and private rooms are assigned and the assignments will be provided at check in.

Question: I need a ride or would like to ride share. How can I arrange this?
Answer: You can use the Born to Drum Yahoo group to seek a ride or to organize ride-sharing. Women have been very successful using this resource to arrange ride shares. If you are not already a member you can join now.

Question: I have a cpap machine or other medical/health requirement for an electrical outlet. Will that be available in my room?
Answer: Electrical outlets are available in all of the dorms and in the semi-private and private rooms.

Question: Will there be men at the camp?
Answer: The camp itself has all women teachers and camp participants. The facility employs men in various capacities. Marketplace vendors may have men assist in loading in and loading out but they will not be present at the marketplace during camp. Men do not attend camp.

If you don’t find an answer to your question here, you use our search facility to find it elsewhere on the site (see sidebar). If you need assistance, please contact us:

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