Class Descriptions: Annette Aguilar

Latin Percussion class 1

This class is open to all levels.

If you like or love Latin percussion and music, than this class is for you!
This class will focus on the percussion section of a Latin group and how the section works as team.

What can help (but not required) is to be familiar with the Tumbao for the Conga, paila or cascara for timbales and Martillo for bongo and clave 2/3 and 3/2 son clave.

The use of  claves, maracas, Bell and guiro  will be used and  the important  role that they  have in a Latin Percussion section. We can substitute other instruments too.

I will go over each part of the Latin percussion instrument with emphasis on the role of the Conga drum, which is the rock of a Latin percussion section.

We will switch instruments, however if you prefer to stay on the instrument of your choice make sure you  provide your own instrument so there is plenty to  go around.

The focus is to understand the form of a tune and how the Latin percussion section works.

Instruments to bring:

Conga, all sizes (conga quinto tumbas)
Timbales, Guiro , Maracas ,Claves , woodblocks,
Other percussion can be use if you do not have the above
Snare, drums , djembes etc anything you can strike is percussive;)

2) The Multiple Conga drum in Latin Percussion
For the intermediate–advanced Player

Everyone is welcome to participate or observe this class. I will be moving to the level that is indicated and comfortable for all.

Latin Jazz, Salsa, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian

The use of the 2,3, 4 even 5 drums technique produces a beautiful rhythmic flow and     a melodic feature.

The class  will  focus on basic rudimental techniques on one drum, than applying it to the second ,Third and Forth drum to enable this melodic feature on multiple conga drumming.

This class will provide information on how you can use simple rudimental “sticking” (RLRL, RRLL, RLRR LRLL paradidles etc ) from the standard 26 rudiments for the snare drum and move them to multiple conga drums.

Preparation of Stick control and some rudiments would be helpful.
If you take Michelle’s G Stick Control course on Friday, it will  prepare you for this class.

One of the main concepts will be to utilize the technique with  melody, phrasing, the clave, and a two-bar phase.

We will listen to some musical examples and listen to the variations that the multiple drumming has contributed to a song or piece of Music. This will help you open up to all the a possibilities of this technique so you can use these ideas in your playing!

What to bring and have available;
conga drums and djembe other hand drums.
3 conga drums per player is ideal or substitute djembe and other drums that can fill the void


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