Born To Drum 2018

Women Drummers International presents… 12th YEAR ANNIVERSARY Born to Drum 2018: Women’s Drum Camp July 19, 20, 21, 22, 2018 Join us for a 4 day weekend of Camping, Drum Workshops, Drum Circles, Songs, Dance, Fireside Concerts, Yoga and Movement, Poetry, Shared Meals, Camaraderie and Healing Circles in our new HEALING TENT! Bring your camping[…]

Born To Drum ~ A Women’s Drum and Cultural Camp.

Born to Drum was birthed 10 years ago as a reunion of women drummers from all over the US and from all over the world.  We have gathered those 10 summers to celebrate culture, to make new friends and rejoice at being with old friends.  We have come together to DRUM and to share traditional[…]

Ellen Farmer and Coleen Douglas

Ellen Farmer and Coleen Douglas coordinate educational experiences for people interested in soil carbon and water infiltration measurements, food forests, and tree planting projects. Coleen has a background in biology and landscape design, and Ellen works with Farm Fuel Inc. in Watsonville, CA, a research and development firm established by organic farmers to create alternatives[…]

Class Descriptions: Afia Walking Tree

1) Advanced Djembe Fevah™ – West African Djembe* *Course Prerequisite: This course is for Intermediate and Advanced students only. Djembe has so many dynamic parts to playing like a pro! Excel in your Djembe playing with body postures (sitting and standing), rhythm placement, introductions, accompaniments, and “Soulos.” Fine-tune specific hand techniques, rolls, flams and ambidextrous[…]

Class Descriptions: Carolyn Brandy

FUNDAMENTALS OF RHYTHM – ALL LEVELS Learn where the time/pulse is – downbeats, upbeats, syncopation and 3 against 2. This class will help you to understand, hear, groove and enjoy rhythm. All Levels: Fundamentals of Rhythm Bring: No instruments required BEGINNING CONGA Come and learn how to play this beautiful and charismatic instrument.  We will[…]

Class Descriptions: Judy Piazza

DOUMBEK & MIDDLE EASTERN RHYTHMS WORKSHOP Explore the world of Middle Eastern rhythms on this powerful drum, called tabla in the MidEast.  You’ll learn to make this drum speak with low, high and pop sounds, and will learn to play and sequence a variety of popular rhythms used for belly dance and ensemble playing in[…]

Class Descriptions: Mar Stevens

Djembe Vibrations l A beginner djembe class that’s open to all levels. This class will help improve your technique, timing, listening skills, and confidence as you sit with the drum. Djembe Vibrations II This is an all levels djembe class. Come and experience the power of the drum thru traditional West African rhythms. Feel and[…]