Parking At Born To Drum 2019

Hi Friends: This year the parking at Bort Meadow has drastically changed as mandated by the East Bay Regional Park Department. They have told us that if we park more than 75 cars in the lower Bort lot; any cars in the upper lot; or any cars on Redwood Rd; that they will not let us come back next year. This is due to a safety policy that can only accommodate 75 cars in the event of an emergency evacuation due to fire. (The 75 parking spaces include the following: 25 spaces for faculty and staff, and 50 spaces for sale to Day Campers only.)

We are asking for help from the community

Please help us make this adjustment and for your understanding. Here’s what you can do to help, and what we are doing to make it as convenient for you as possible

The Most Important Thing Is To Carpool!

Help other women get to camp, or look for a ride yourself. There is a Facebook site: Born To Drum rideshare and parking where you can connect with other women. Also on the registration form there are questions that ask you if you are carpooling already; can give a ride; or need a ride. As we are handling registration we will try to connect women who have space in their cars with women
who need rides.

Our Parking Strategy

  1. Only Day Campers can park in the Lower Bort lot. This will cost an additional $15 per car. You can divide that up by the number of women you have in the car. You can come in at 8:00 am, but your car must be out of the lot by 11:00 pm. When the lower Bort lot sells out through online registrations, then Day Use parking will also be at Merritt College.
  2. We are asking our overnight Campers to park at Merritt College in a secure lot that we have rented. It is fenced and will have a coded padlock so you can get in and out. We will run scheduled shuttles back and forth between Bort and Merritt (Shuttle Schedule will be posted by July 1). You can come to Merritt and unload your gear into a shuttle that will take you to camp, OR you can drive to camp, unload, then take your car back to Merritt and catch the shuttle back to Bort, whichever is more convenient for you. We will have work/study women available at Bort to help you unload your gear. The cost for parking at Merritt will be $4.00/day per car. You can also take an Uber or Lyft from Merritt College at your own expense. There is no cell service at Bort Meadow so if you want to schedule a departure that is not within the Shuttle Schedule, then you can reserve an Uber or Lyft to come down and pick you up.
  3. Walk-in participants can park in the lower lot if there are any spaces available. All cars, except for staff, must be out of the Lower Bort lot at 11:00 pm. Walk-ins can also park at Merritt and take the shuttle to camp. The cost at Merritt is $4/day per car
  4. Buy Parking Tickets During Online Registration

    When you register it is important for you to buy your parking tickets during the online registration. Buying early is especially important for Day Use women as the lower lot will possibly sell out of spaces and you want to get your space secured. Everyone please print out your tickets and bring them to the gate when you come to camp.