2017 ~ The Year of the Healer

Born to Drum was birthed 11 years ago as a reunion of Women Drummers from all over the US and from all over the world.  We have gathered these 11 summers to celebrate culture, to make new friends and to rejoice at being with old friends.  We have come together to DRUM and to share traditional music, drum medicine, healing modalities, and our stories with each other.

We are again inviting women to come who do not drum, or don’t want to drum all day! The NON-DRUMMING CLASSES will include: Yoga, Embodied Movement, Poetry, Dance, Singing, Climate Change Activism, and our offerings at the new HEALING JOURNEYS TENT  where there will be Hands on Healing Circles, Touch Medicine, Grief Council Circle, Music Medicine, Grandmothers Council Circle, Herbal Medicine, Altar making Medicine, and more.

This is in addition to WOMEN MAESTRA drummers, dancers and musicians from ALL OVER THE WORLD:  The Congo, Ghana, Jamaica, Venezuela, Native American, Cuba, Middle East, West Africa, Asia —  Wow!